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At Wave Tech, we offer variety of services and solutions that deliver results.

Our services are not only managed/outsource services.

We also do data center consultancy services. Where we offer independent advice and consultancy to help you plan new data centers, improve existing ones, manage them properly and educate yourself and your staff in best practice data center design, auditing and operations management.

Also, we Install, test and commission our leading product line (R&M, WAVENET, Cisco, ATEN, Tensator etc.)

Our main focus is to build long term partnership through bringing on board the right team and skill sets, utilizing the appropriate tools by using right processes for your business.

We work closely with your team and helping you build your business and achieve competitive advantage through innovative services and solutions that can serve your business need today and tomorrow. It will help you manage the change, control the cost, increase retention, improve quality performance and results.

Our tailored services can cater to all your business needs and requirements. Also, it enables you to provide the size and the approach that fits your business.

Whether it is short or long term contract, permanent through functional specialists or through fully managed services, Wave Tech has ability and experience to serve the right professionals to ensure your business needs are met.

Our team of qualified and skilled professionals has all kinds of experience in the area of IT, Telecom, Finance, Engineering, Office Administration and Support, Logistics, Project Management and Training.


Outsourcing with WaveTech is to increase operational coherence, uplift productivity, reduce costs and improve service delivery and quality.

Our approach to outsourcing, vast experience and global access to high quality resources and professionals will ensure your business requirements are fulfilled on time and quality.

  • Requisition and recruitment management
  • Candidates profile development
  • Resume filtering and processing
  • Candidates mining and management
  • Background checks, skills and experience assessments
  • On board management

Staffing Services

At WaveTech, our staffing services ensures that the skills and talent are not wasted. We find you the job that fits your profile.

We provide a comprehensive, strategic approach to meet your staffing requirements. WaveTech focuses on finding quality professional to meet your specific business needs. We have access to highly qualified, skilled and diverse talent pool of professionals to ensure you get the best candidates.

WaveTech delivers specialized recruiting professionals. Who are fully assigned and dedicated to meet your business needs thorough evaluation to ensure only experienced and qualified candidates are provided Background checks to ensure candidates meet and exceed your business and international standards Up-to-the-minute technology that improves accuracy and reduces administrative burden.

  • Temporary Staffing
  • Temporary to Permanent Staffing
  • Direct Hire

Whether it’s a long term or short term assignments, repeated or seasonal business need, WaveTech is committed to provide your business with the qualified and skilled professionals.

We accommodate the various and wide range of areas including:

  • IT / Telecom
  • Financial
  • Engineering Services
  • Office Administration and Support
  • Logistics Services
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • and others

Managed Services

WaveTech offers comprehensive and effective managed services program. We help all our clients finding qualified and experienced candidates. Who effectively manages and achieve the budget and deliver services according to SLAs.

We will work closely with you to assess your specific business needs and build customized managed services plan that includes:
  • Suitable recruiting programs
  • Targets and objectives to be achieved
  • On-site dedicated services
  • Full management of staffing
  • Service Level Management, Metrics, and Key Performance Indicators
We handle all your business needs and strive to exceed the expectations.

Our managed services benefit includes:
  • Reduced administrative burden on your business and your team
  • Lowered labor costs while maintaining the staff quality and deliverables
  • Enhance efficiency and productivity

Our Esteemed Product Partners

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